Most hours of sunshine since 1979 in March: what to do?

Geplaatst op 29-03-2022

Categorie: Hobby en vrije tijd

In contrast to February, which was very gloomy, the beginning of March has been very sunny. Even so sunny that a new record has been set. Since the start of the KNMI measurements, the last time it was this sunny was in 1979, and there is a good chance that this weather will also be broken as the coming week also looks good with a lot of sun and few clouds . This could just be the sunniest start of March since the weather measurements started!

No doubt you have already enjoyed the nice weather, by taking a nice walk, or relaxing in the garden. Everything outside actually becomes a lot more pleasant with sun. If you come near Amsterdam, it is also highly recommended to rent a boat. Since it has been windless lately with a lot of sun, this is the ideal opportunity to get out on the water for the first time of the year. Just next to Zaandam in Oostzaan, it is also possible to rent boats at 'Varen in Oostzaan'. From this location you can enjoy nature, as the Oostzanerveld can be sailed through the protected nature reserve. But you can also sail towards the Jagersplas where, with the nice weather, there will certainly be more boats on the water.

Do you think being in a boat is still a bit too cold? Or would you like to be a little more sporty? Then you can also rent a canoe from this location. To work your way forward in thsese 1 person canoes you will use a paddle, so you will undoubtedly not get cold doing this activity. I recommend taking a picnic or at least something to eat with you, from experience I can tell that canoeing uses a relatively large amount of energy. And this energy has to come from somewhere!

Now that we are on the topic of sportsmanship and have mentioned the boat rental in Oostzaan, I will also tell you that it is possible to organize group activities on the water. During these team building group activities, activities will be carried out with groups in the boat, this activity is called polder survival. Perfect for going out with colleagues or friends and having a good time together. In addition, team building for groups of colleagues can have a stimulating effect and improve the mood in the workplace, thereby improving employee productivity. So a win-win situation!