Get Laid Tonight With Conversation Manipulation

Geplaatst op 05-04-2024

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Understanding how to emotionally affect women with conversation should give you the leg up you need to win the heart of your “crush”…

Perhaps your going out on a solo mission to get laid or heading out with mates and are open to anything happening. Either way you are going to be conversing with women and what you say and how you say it makes a difference!

Conversational dynamics is an area that guys do need help in… It doesn’t come naturally to us and for those that are not talking non stop all day holding down an hour long emotional exchange can be thirsty work.

Here are some conversation tips to lighten the load:

Use of silence

This not only applies to during your spiel about life and work but more importantly JUST AFTER she has spoken.

I see so many guys on the edge of their seat ready to but in and get their point across or worse interrupting women with a seemingly more important statement of their own.

If you have something on your mind that was triggered by her conversation… enthusiastically agree with her and gesture her to continue but don’t interrupt. Let her finish and allow at least a 2-3 second pause of reflection before you reply.

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Why the pause?

If you DONT pause before replying it makes it look like you never really cared what she was saying and were simply waiting for your turn to talk. A women will pick up on the fact that your interested (or not) in what she has to say. Make sure you make it clear that you value her input by contemplating what she said before replying.

Make use of comfortable silences – to many guys feel extremely uncomfortable when there is a silence. You know your great mates with a guy when you can be in his presence in complete silence and it’s ok…

You know the feeling?

Mirror this feeling with her. Use the silence not to stress out and blabber into another conversation topic but to smile and hold a strong flirtatious gaze.

Let her know that you are ok being with her in silence… the trick here is not to just let these silences linger out and die… actually use them to convey sexual emotion through eye contact, or move hair out of her face, straighten out a wrinkle in her dress, remove lint from jeans etc

Let Her Talk:

You don’t need to be the one talking all the time as long as you are controlling the conversation. You can do this by controlling the direction of conversation with questioning.

The women you are seducing into a relationship or one night stand will feel closer to you if she talks about herself while in your company.

The more emotional the conversation and the more secrets that are shared the closer they will feel to you.

If you feel that your conversational skills are weak use your ability to listen to your advantage. Have some memorised questions that really spark emotion and vibrant interactive conversation. Asking for her opinion on a matter of your mates relationship is a great one

Hey I need your advice on something…

“what should my friend do when his gf is…”

Hey I need your advice…

Hey I need a women’s opinion…

These can all be used effectively as openers.

Touch during conversation – manipulating conversation in the direction you want it to go is important.

Women respond very strongly to physical touch and close physical presence (stronger than you do)

We naturally indicate that we are comfortable with another person with physical touch whether it be a guy or a girl. Some people are naturally better than it than others. Don’t make a big deal out of touching a women on the shoulder.

Rather than looking at her shoulder and moving your hand slowly toward it in some creepy E.T. gesture approach her from the side and simply touch her briefly. The smallest of physical touches will linger on her mind during conversation.

Gesturing her toward a group of people, table or toilet area with a hand on her upper back is a simple way to control the conversation and increase the sexual tension.


Even the most accomplished have a tough time convincing a girl to be sexual with them the same night. Establishing this much trust in such a short space of time is tricky. However there are ways to set yourself up for either later that night or some time in the future.

Don’t be afraid to call the conversation to an end early with something like.

Hey it’s been great talking to you but I have to go now… I have to catch up with friends.  Pause… How about I give you a call later about a party we might be going to…

Anything casual and “oh by the way” with an “I’ll call you if I remember” attitude is much less intimidating and natural than… “gimmie your number please”

Embedding your number close inside a legitimate reason backed by social proof will dramatically increase your chances of further contact.

Use these tested conversational methods for increasing your female interaction success. Try not to use them word for word but rather as general concepts that you integrate into your natural game.